Tile FloorsTile is one of the earliest known forms of flooring. Tile has been around since the time of ancient Rome, with mud and clay making most of the tiles at the time. Ceramic tiles became the tile of choice after their discovery in the 12th century and some of those tiles still last to this day.

There are 2 primary kinds of tile: porcelain and ceramic tiles. These two varieties are very common in residences, businesses and outdoor settings. Though tile is appropriate for a wide variety of applications from grocery to retail and from entry ways to bathrooms. Tile comes in all sorts of shapes and varieties and are designed to match virtually any decor. Tiles use the MOHS scale to determine their hardness, ability to absorb moisture and how well it resists in any given year. Tile is secured in place via grout, and different types, colors and patterns are available when choosing your grout.

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