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Walk Off Systems

walk off tileEntry Protection

Go from to-do to ta-da with a mat system designed to keep your entrance impressively clean no matter the traffic patterns. Most dirt walks right into your space. Uninvited. Especially in cold weather climates. From rain and mud to snow and salt, your entrance can go from inviting to disastrous within a matter of steps. And within a matter of minutes. The first step to maintaining clean carpet is to keep dirt outside, where it belongs.

Don’t Look Back

With our 3-part series of Walk Off Mats, dust and dirt are trapped at the first step. We have mats with high scraping and draining capabilities. These go outside to trap mud, snow, sand, and grit before it dirties your space. We have highly absorbent mats that capture dirt and moisture at your building’s entrance. They’ll also protect the floor in high traffic areas. Our mats are unaffected by bleach, soiling, sunlight, and repeat washings. That means the color you choose is the color you get for the life of the mat. That’s years of use and years of clean, without fade.

Leave Dirt at the Door

Designed as a superior dust control barrier, our Obex® Matting Solution offers unparalleled protection against the dirt and moisture that pedestrians can track into a building.   Want to stop up to 80% of dust, dirt and moisture brought into a building within the first 10 to 30 feet? Try our 3-part system designed especially for high- traffic areas that includes:

  • Prior™ heavy-duty scraper modular tile – the first line of defense against outdoor dirt and grime
  • Forma™ for interior entryways?
  • Atrium Plus™ textile mats and runners for high circulation areas Obex products come in variety of fully coordinated, contemporary colors and a five-year guarantee.

An Easy Solution for Green

Protect your flooring investment. Trap dust and dirt as it walks in. Improve Indoor Air Quality. And help rack up some LEED points for entry protection. That was easy.

Get a FREE Design Layout!

Entry Matting and Systems are one of the first things your customers see when entering your facilities. Our experienced staff can assist in creating a layout to illustrate your company logo, safety and surface protection.

Email us your digital photo of your entrance areas and we will design a FREE layout, or if you have a CAD or PDF file floor plan, email this to us and we can create a FREE computer layout.

We have representatives across the country to assist with a professional onsite installation  Ask to have a matting specialist contact you today to discuss your specific matting requirements.

We specialize in custom indoor and outdoor mats, branded mats, soft seating area carpets, anti fatigue mats, recessed well matts, rubber matting and safety mats.

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